How to be Happy in 2017

How to be happy? That’s a loaded question. And if you go onto the inter-webs via Google, you can have over 258,000,000 results in 0.49 seconds. *as of this post*

In addition, there are tons and tons of books, lectures, videos and websites eager to share their respective thoughts, ideas, tips and research (both academic and self-propelled). But how does all the information relay to you? You, sitting reading this on the commuter train or on social media break? How can you be sure you’re finding the right information for your specific needs and way of life? Well, my friends, I’d like to share my #1 tip to being happy that actually works!

Are you ready? Be warned it takes consistent (a fancy word for ongoing) work.

And now there are 258,000,001 results on how to be happy. ☺

Therapy. Yes, therapy. It’s that simple. Ok, the post is done. Enjoy!

No seriously. Therapy is revolutionary to one’s well being. And in our tech-savvy world, there are tools that can help you contact a trained, licensed professional at your fingertips, one being Talkspace.

Talkspace is “affordable and confidential therapy at the touch of a button -- re-invented for how we live today.”

Also via the internets,  there are great professionals on YouTube who offeror exceptional resources in the mental health community such as Kati Morton, she offers free to paid services via Skype. Our favorite are her journal topic exercises.

The main takeaway is to truly be happy, one must accept help from others. You cannot “DO” everything on your own. Let me repeat that for the folks in the back heckling and shaking their heads… “You cannot DO everything on your own.”

Yes, that includes single parent households too. Reach out to your community of other single parents either in person or via a private Facebook group/forum. Remember if you take on too much, you’ll ultimately burn out, feel tired continuously and those feeling could cause you to overeat or eat high-calorie-low-vibe-over-processed foods that then lead to unhealthy weight gain and loads of other health issues. All of which could have been avoided if you would have taken the time to put yourself first and seek help.

Please do not play the martyr of your life + remember putting yourself first is NOT selfish, it’s the ultimate form of self-care/love.

Here’s the thing. If I were to tell you that you are guaranteed to get $1,000 for every time you went to a therapy session, would you go? Come on. It’s free money, all you have to do is show up – of course, you’d go! My point is this: You deserve to be happy.  You can be happy. You WILL be happy when you take time, to seek and ask for help.

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Good Vibes and Grace,

Pastaveia + Sean