Photo by Tore Kelly @Tornado_Time on the gram.

Photo by Tore Kelly @Tornado_Time on the gram.

As a new mama-to-be who has been practicing minimalism and eco-conscious living for many moons now, I’ve learned more about myself in the 35 weeks of my pregnancy, since starting my eco-friendly, minimalism (woke) journey.

Below I’ll share the heavy hitters and a brief-micro lesson learned, as I know your time is valuable and you too are a busy mama.

Priorities + Intentions  

Minimalism to us, has always been about freedom. Freedom from excessive spending + buying but also within that freedom, setting our priorities and intentions.

Keeping in mind, what’s important to us as a family. Defining our values and ensuring we communicate openly, mindfully and respectfully to our family and friends.

When it came time to create our baby registry, we opted out to use only big-chain store registries. When it comes to spending money we try to be intentional about the products we bring into our home. It's important to us as an eco-conscious couple, having items that are eco-friendly, sustainable, fair-trade, and non-harmful to the planet in our home. Our priorities are about voting with your dollars, and we believe it's one of the best ways to vote in order to enact change. Take a moment to think about it with all the advertising now for “all-natural, gluten-free, free-range, organic-type labels”  on everything from food to clothing.


For me, boundaries are simply what’s ok and what’s not ok. I learned this lesson from the astute genius, Dr. Brene Brown, she is amazing and I highly recommend her work. Google her Ted-talk, you won't be disappointed. 

Now this one was the most challenging, for both me and those around me. I had to lay down some ground rules: 

1) Starting with the horrible pregnancy/birth stories and asking folks not to share them with me. Now, I’m not naive to the fact that things will be rainbow and unicorns and I won't experience any discomfort from carrying and birthing a tiny human. No! I get that it’ll be challenging at times but I do not need the fear and anxiety from others to pile on top of my own. 

2) I had to be mindful and minimize the places, images (Instagram), and people (IRL + Digital) I invited into my space. Being pregnant you’re a bit more sensitive due to increased hormonal levels. I didn’t want to have a conversation, watch a film, youtube video, Instagram story from someone who made me feel bad about myself or go down a comparison spiral. My time could be spent doing something more beneficial to myself, like making breakfast for dinner. It's the best meal for the time of day, am I right?!

Vulnerability + Integrity

I’ve learned the power of being vulnerable does not mean you are broken, weak or less than but quite the opposite. You are brave, courageous and strong. You’re creating a tiny human, your body is taking a beautiful shape and form to better help support the child. You’re a bad-ass! ( Thanks, Jen Sincero)!

As a bad-ass, you’re constantly, “Choosing what’s right (for you) over fun, fast, + easy.” Brene Brown’s definition of integrity.

So, how does vulnerability + integrity relate to minimalism?

Vulnerability and integrity intermingle and feed into minimalism because both variables hold you accountable for the choices you make.

During pregnancy, you are at your most vulnerable, i.e. strong, fierce and steadfast and you are operating from a level of what are the best choices (made with integrity) for the baby and you.

Photo by Tore Kelly @Tornado_Time on the gram.

Photo by Tore Kelly @Tornado_Time on the gram.

**This article is not to say that those who have registries exclusively at large retailers are living their lives in excess and need to convert their living habits to those more aligned with minimalism. Every family is different and it's great that this platform allows us to connect and share our different perspectives. Let’s talk about the topic more in the comment section.