3 Ways to Live a More Sustainable + Meaningful Life

#1 Ask questions. 
What’s your why? Why is it important to you? Who are you making this change for? Note it’s a way of life, not a fad. It will take commitment. Not Perfection. Humans make mistakes but we also are also resilient. Stay the course and please DO NOT forget your why.

#2 Mindset Change. Wondering how and where to get started?
 Home. Food. Tiny Humans. Budget. Career.
Higher Education (to seek better employment).
Take Education for example. Look into grants. Always start with free $$, yes it still exists, waiting to be found by…you.
Next start de-cluttering. Wherever you begin, start small. Let’s face it, our brains have been rewired for instant gratification, indulge and start in an area that will give you that dopamine rush (fancy word for happy, excited feelings). It could be the closet or car. Clear and clean it out. If it does not need to be there, remove it. Go back to #1. Ask why is it important to you? Do you really need 12 plastic forks in the glove box? That may or may not be a real life example.
Why is it important to hold onto the clothes that no longer serve (fit) you? Is it because you want to wear the items someday? When is someday? Between Saturday and Sunday?  If do you want to wear the clothes, cool. Plan for someday and pick a date 4-6 weeks from now and get to work!
 Work?!! Yes, work, imagine that. Change takes work and work builds consistency then…BOOM! Goals accomplished! Simple, right?
Yes, it is simple on an intellectual level, however, simple is not always easy. Begin to work towards the goal of wearing said items. Move yo’ body, honey. By changing up the routine. Eat healthier for cheaper with the help of Thrive Market. Do free workout routines. Pinterest has a ton of free workout worksheets. Go for a walk in the park. Or for a hike, btw, it’s also another form of walking. Search for free yoga if you don’t feel comfortable going to a class, yet. Yoga with Adrienne, our fave. Consistency breeds change.

#3 Find a Community. Online or IRL (in real life)
We are pack animals and love doing activities together, well, for the most part. Sean and I realize that we (as a human race) all need our space too; however, on the larger scale humans are wired to enjoy the company of others. Humans crave connection.

Good thing is, you are in a great community. We’ll do our best to help along the journey. Engaged living (how we describe our way of life) is a process, it does not happen overnight. We have made mistakes and overpaid for items/advice and want to help others avoid the same mishaps we came across.

We hope this mini guide was helpful to you and provided motivation to take the first step. Overall it’s nothing new or groundbreaking, just tried and true steps that work when implemented. Hmmm. Imagine that…concepts only work when you work it, right?

We do not expect you to get it right the first time or 20th, **Newsflash! ** No one does. Just try and if it’s not for you, cool. You gave it your best try and please honor your efforts.
Please feel free to share this guide with whom you feel could benefit from it. Print it out + put a copy on the fridge for a friendly reminder.

Lastly, we’ll leave you with a few resources here.