We started our DIY laundry detergent making journey back in early 2014.

It was due to Sean having a reaction to a well-known commercial brand that had changed their formula. It was marked as "new + improved" -- not so much an improvement if you asked us.

However, during our Sherlock Holmes-style investigations as to "what" was actually in the product that caused the reaction, we began to think: "What ingredients are needed to clean clothes?" Basically, you're just removing the sweat-odor and any stains, right?

As we searched through the archives of YouTube videos and blog posts online, we settled on the technique of creating our own DIY laundry detergent in a liquid here.

Since the making of the video above we've experimented with other ways of making the DIY laundry detergent to include the powder version with borax and also a non-borax liquid version using Sal Suds or simply a 1/4 cup of Dr. Bronner's Liquid Castile soap for a light wash.

We no longer wait in line a the grocery store for soap (of any kind for that matter).

If you can spare a few minutes, it's easy + cheap to make your own and it can also be a fun family project.

In the past, we've made the homemade (DIY) laundry detergent in little batches for friends expecting a baby and included it in a mama, papa + baby spa basket(s) as a gift.