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Hey, Y'all! 

She's here!! Yes, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Nove, into our lives. She's healthy, happy and teaching us a new skill of how to survive on 2-4 hours of sleep at time, lol.  Thank you to our birth photographer Camille for the stunning photo above. We shared our journey of her birth on the Doing It At Home podcast, its a podcast about home births.

 Our eco-conscious lifestyle journey is ever evolving with Nove. Luckily we've been fortunate and blessed to have an outstanding support system of family, great friends and community to help navigate this journey of parenthood. 

With that being said, we've decided to no longer send out scheduled newsletters. 1) we prefer video, it's easier for us and 2) well, to be honest...we simple forget to write one up each each or month. So, given all that, please make sure to subscribe to the channel and follow us on Instagram (we will be doing more live videos).

Be sure to check out the site, we'll be sharing more of our eco-conscious lifestyle journey and if you're wanting to share your journey with us on social use the #EcoConsciousLuv so we can follow you and cheer you on!
Pastaveia, Sean + Nove

We're so blessed and grateful for our darling angel.

We're so blessed and grateful for our darling angel.