Confessions of a Stay @ Home Dad

Who knew I'd be joining over 7 million dads when I made the choice to be a stay-at-home-dad?! 


I'm asked often these days, how's your day job? I'm a stay at home dad rather but I prefer dad. I doubt a working dad cares any less for their children than the ones who stay home. I understand we do live in a world of labels but these do not have to define us.

Our child is not a client, for me I hope to never see this as a job, mind you it is work but there is no overtime, vacation pay or promotions there is just a brief amount of time when our sole responsibility is another human beings well being.

I’m learning it is possible to do small tasks simultaneously. For the first time last week I was able to draw while Nove slept on my chest, thank you ergo baby. We do tummy time throughout the day and we chat.

Excuse me for a second there is a dirty diaper with my name on it. Well where was I, yesterday a dad said to me I miss that age as his 3 year old daughter went down a wet slide on the playground. What a freedom to be completely oblivious to the notion of my clothes are wet. As our minds are so cluttered it is rare to have such a freedom but so far being a dad has felt this way because no children are the same so some patterns may hold true while others don't apply at all. Where was I going with this point,oh yeah the one recurring theme people have mentioned…...Nove wanted to see what Papa was doing…..cherish these moments while your children are less than a year old because they vanish so quickly…...

My biggest concern was when Nove’s momma went back to work will I be able to feed Nove. She holds her own bottle at times, I feel very blessed.

Besides feeding Nove establishing  a simple routine has been helpful to divide up the day. I think getting outside in the morning and afternoon has been very helpful. I have done well to with not being on my phone instead just enjoying nature.

Nove will usually take a short nap in the morning and a longer one in the afternoon but I have learned to be flexible about the time these occur. Everyday is different and full of surprises and I just focus one day at a time because before we know it those precious tiny humans are all grown up telling you how they don't subscribe to labels.


As I type this I'm feeding our daughter. We just got back from a walk. I try to take her outside at least twice a day depending on the weather. I don't know if I would call this a job there was no interview.