Minimalism will improve your life in a variety of ways from money, relationships to emotional freedom. Please note that minimalism is NOT all about decluttering but it can help jump start your journey. Minimalism is more of an mindset. Minimalism at it’s core is about seeking simplicity.

So, where do we begin?

Firstly, decide why you want to be a minimalist. Do you want to spend more time with those you love? Do want a cleaner space? Do you want clarity (mentally, physically, emotionally + spiritually)? What is your why? Write it down and keep it visible.

Start Small

When starting a minimalist journey don't take on the whole house, you will stress yourself out. Do not over complicate the process. Do not feel that you need to get rid of all your belongings or your grandpa’s old sweater that you love. If an item brings you joy + value, keep it.

Choose one room or a type of items, such as the bathroom, purse/wallet, accessories, kitchen gadgets, makeup or the glove box in your car.

Wherever you start, be intentional and complete one area at a time. Need inspiration start reading books, blogs, watching documentaries, create a visual vision board on Pinterest.

Mini Digital Detox

What is consuming your mind on an ongoing basis? Challenge yourself to objectively access your digital habits. Where are you spending your time online? How well is that online time serving you? Does spending countless hours on social media make you feel less confident or alone? Have you fallen in the self-comparison wormhole?

Maybe it's time to delete the apps from your phone, unfollow/unfriend individuals that cause you pain, cancel under-serving email notifications or subscriptions from shops or websites that do not provide value, delete unused apps, organize pictures into folders.

Focus on You

If your partner, kids or roommates are not minimalists and never have the intention to live the lifestyle, it's okay. Remember to focus on your why and live/lead by example. Do not force them into the lifestyle. Allow them to see your actions and give it time, if they are interested they will seek you out for advice.

Keep It. Don’t let Go.

Minimalism isn’t all about getting rid of everything. If you use it or love it, you do not need to get rid of it. Minimalism is about letting go of things that bring you stress.

Be Grateful

By being grateful for what you do have, you tend to want less. Try vocalizing your appreciation as you see or experience the things that bring you joy, lift you or write it down in a journal.

Again remember you why. What’s the point of it all? The point of minimalism is about living with intention + simply. Understand that you do not need to make your journey “look” like anyone else's. There are no rules. Do what feels right to you.